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  • C Robersons and Co. Plaster of Paris

    C Roberson and Co. Plaster of Paris is used for moulding when mixed with the same volume of water. Plaster of Paris has a quick setting time and will not shrink in the process. Plaster of Paris is extremely diverse and is frequently used for making pre-cast mouldings of objects. ...

  • Oil Gold Size by C Roberson and Co

    For use with (Schlag) metal leaf, gold leaf and bronze powders. Use over any non-absorbent painted surface, canvas, panel, wall, glass or metal. If the surface is absorbent as with gesso, seal using shellac varnish. Size is ready when sellotape tackiness is reach. Apply the leaf using absorbent cotton. Do ...

  • Acrylic Gold Size by C Roberson and Co

    Easy to use acrylic gold size. Ready for gilding in 15 to 20 minutes, but will remain open indefinitely. For use with (Schlag) metal leaf, gold leaf and bronze powders. Use over a non-porous surface or one that has been sealed with shellac varnish.

    Available in 60ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.

  • Needle File Set

    A set of 10 assorted needle files. Medium cut.

  • 5ml Syringe Set

    Set of 3 general purpose 5ml syringes. Ideal for the application of small liquid quantities.

  • Watchmakers Hammer

    Also known as a Swiss type hammer, this perfectly balanced miniature cross pien hammer is particularly useful for striking bows in awkward areas.

  • 12ml Curved Syringe

    Single 12ml general purpose syringe with curved nozzle. Ideal for liquid application in hard to reach areas.

  • Steel Probe Set

    A selection of 3 quality stainless steel probes.

  • Steel Carver Set

    A set of 6 quality stainless steel carvers.

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