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  • Bostik All Purpose

    An extra strong clear quick drying adhesive. Works on a variety of materials

  • Bostik Hot Melt Glue Guns

    Available in two sizes: Standard or Handy size. Sticks plastics, wood, metal, fabric, stone etc. Easy trigger action, safty warning light and fitted plug included.

  • Display Mount

    3M Display Mount 400ml. A heavy duty permanent spray adhesive.

  • Evo-Stik Epoxy Control

    Ultra-Strong Epoxy 2 part adhesive. Repositional for 2 hours. For: Wood, Metal, Ceramics, Glass, Stone, Plastic.

  • Evo-Stik Epoxy Rapid

    Ultra-Strong Epoxy 2 part adhesive. Rapid 5 minute drying time. For: Wood, Metal, Ceramics, Glass, Stone, Plastic.

  • Photo Mount

    3M Photo Mount available in 200ml and 400ml cans. A clear adhesive spray for permanent mounting of photographs, prints and illustrations. Photo Mount gives time to reposition before complete bonding takes place.

  • Spray Mount

    3M Spraymount Adhesive available in 200ml and 400m cans. lThe number one studio spray adhesive that provides an instant, repositionable and secure bond which does not brittle with age.

  • UHU Fabric Glue

    Sticks all types of fabrics. Easy to use, no mess. Ideal for fabric crafts, hems, nametags, curtains, soft toys etc. Machine washable and dry cleanable.

  • UHU Super Glue

    3g ultra fast super glue.

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