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  • Beeswax Candle Kit

    This kit contains everything required to master the basic techniques and create both traditional and floating candles. Contents : 5 natural beeswax sheets, candle wick and instructions/patterns.

  • Candle Colourants

    Colourants rich in pigments. Just a few flakes are sufficient to obtain a deep colour.

  • Candle Fragances

    3 refined scents: woody, floral and vanilla to perfume candles.

  • Candle Wax

    500g Candle Wax. A mixture of parrafin and stearin. 1 volume of wax powder =-1/2 volume of melted wax.

  • Candle Wicks

    Cotton wicks candle making.

  • Candlemaking Starter Kit

    A basic easy to use candle making kit made by House of Crafts. Contents: Wax pellets, candle moulds, coloured dyes, wick, wick rods, mould sealer and full instructions.

  • Create Your Own Candles Kit

    500g frosted effect candle wax, 5 candle dyes, 12 reinforced wicks, 1 candle scent, 1 round mould, 1 guide.

  • Reinforced Candle Wicks

    Cotton wick fitted on a base, suitable for candles from 65 to 85mm.

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