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  • A Charming Little Hand Kit

    A very popular complete kit made by Gedeo for casting little hands or feet. This product is harmless to the skin. Comes with full instructions, 250g of moulding alginate, 500g of resin plaster.

  • C Robersons and Co. Plaster of Paris

    C Roberson and Co. Plaster of Paris is used for moulding when mixed with the same volume of water. Plaster of Paris has a quick setting time and will not shrink in the process. Plaster of Paris is extremely diverse and is frequently used for making pre-cast mouldings of objects. ...

  • Crystal Resin

    A two component epoxy resin system, a perfect imitation of glass paste. It can be used to produce mouldings, inclusions, coatings or laminates. Can be coloured uniformly or on the surface with Pebeo Vitrail glass paint.

  • Latex

    Concentrated formula based on natural rubber. It can be used to mould simple and complicated shapes, large thinner items and masks.

  • Mod Roc

    A roll of plaster impregnated gauze for sculpting and craft materials.

  • Moulding Alginate

    Suitable for creating initial moulds for casting. A natural seaweed product it is delicate on skin if casting parts of the human body.

  • Plaster of Paris

    A low density plaster of paris available in various sizes.

  • Resin Plaster

    A resin based casting plaster for extra durablity. A Gedeo product.

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