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  • Bleed Proof White

    Bleed Proof White by Dr PH Martin in A 30ml pot.

  • Dr PH Martin’s Radiant Ink

    These 15ml concentrated water colour ink/dyes have been a favourite of designers, illustrators and artists since 1934. Radiant is formulated to achieve the greatest possible brilliance and radiant tones.

  • FW Pearlescent Ink

    An Acrylic Ink producing a shimmering pearl effect. Water soluble when wet but dry to water resistant film when dry. All colours are good to extremely lightfast. Available in 29.5ml bottles with a pipette style lid.

  • Sennelier Encres Ink

    Encres Sennelier is a shellac based water resistant ink, ideal for calligraphy. Comes in a range of 30ml colours.

  • Winsor Ink

    Winsor and Newton Inks are formulated from soluble dyes suspended in a superior shellac solution. Available in 14ml and 30ml bottles.

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