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  • Bleed Proof White

    Bleed Proof White by Dr PH Martin in A 30ml pot.

  • Chinese Calligraphy Set

    This elegant and compact Chinese Calligraphy set makes the perfect gift for any beginner new to the art of brush calligraphy or for professionals alike. With an unbeatable value, the aesthetically pleasing brocade box includes-

    • 4 Sumi brushes of natural hair
    • 1 Solidified black ink stick
    • A Porcelain brush rest and water pot
    • An ...
  • Dr PH Martin’s Radiant Ink

    These 15ml concentrated water colour ink/dyes have been a favourite of designers, illustrators and artists since 1934. Radiant is formulated to achieve the greatest possible brilliance and radiant tones.

  • FW Pearlescent Ink

    An Acrylic Ink producing a shimmering pearl effect. Water soluble when wet but dry to water resistant film when dry. All colours are good to extremely lightfast. Available in 29.5ml bottles with a pipette style lid.

  • Sennelier Encres Ink

    Encres Sennelier is a shellac based water resistant ink, ideal for calligraphy. Comes in a range of 30ml colours.

  • Winsor and Newton Drawing Inks

    Good, old-fashioned drawing ink from our iconic little bottles. Fast-drying, water resistant and transparent – they can be used with a brush, dip pen or airbrush. We’ve created 26 colours, including Liquid Indian Ink – a water-based solution of traditional Chinese stick ink. All the colours are inter-mixable and you ...

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