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  • Ara Pastels

    Available in sets of 12 or 24. An affordable oil pastel, ideal for the beginner.

  • Art Charcoal Pencils

    Made by Caran D’ache these charcoal pencils are of the highest quality.

  • Charcoal Pencils

    A range of charcoal pencils in different grades.

  • Conté Carres

    Available individually as well as in sets, Conté Carres contain the highest level of pigment while having exceptional brightnees and purity of colour.

  • Cretacolor Lead Holders

    A selection of 4 different lead holders for use with the 5mm Cretacolor Lead range.

  • Cretacolor Leads

    A range of high quality 5mm graphite, charcoal, white and sepia toned leads designed to be used with the Creta Lead Holders.

  • D’Artigny Fixative

    A clear oil pastel fixative. Creates a totally transparent silk like film. 400ml aerosol can.

  • Delacroix Fivative

    A clear pencil and charcoal fixative. Creates a totally transparent and matt film. 400ml aerosol can.

  • Graphite Sticks

    Chunky graphite sticks in various with the option of a watersoluble version.

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