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  • Calligraphy Box Set

    Gorgeous Brause calligraphy set. Includes Nib holder, 6 nibs and ink.

  • Chinese Brush Set

    J. Herbin Chinese Set. Includes brush pen, ink and parchment paper.

  • Chinese Calligraphy Set

    This elegant and compact Chinese Calligraphy set makes the perfect gift for any beginner new to the art of brush calligraphy or for professionals alike. With an unbeatable value, the aesthetically pleasing brocade box includes-

    • 4 Sumi brushes of natural hair
    • 1 Solidified black ink stick
    • A Porcelain brush rest and water pot
    • An ...
  • Ink Well

    Beautiful glass ink well with screw top lid.

  • Quill Set

    J. Herbin Quill Set. Includes quill, ink anjd blotter in beautiful packaging.

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