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  • Hooks and Eyes

    No 2 medium pack of hooks and eyes, silver coloured. 35 pieces.

  • Chalk Pencils

    With erasing brush.

  • Pinking Shears

    For dressmaking and general craftmaking involving fabrics. The zig-zag patterened blades prevent the fabric from fraying.

  • Rotary Cutters

    Available in 45mm and 28mm blade size options these cutters are ideal for cutting fabric in straight lines and broad curves. Several layers of fabric can be cut at once which is ideal for patchworking.

  • Universal Pliers

    2 x ergomic flat nose pliers.

  • Rotary Blades

    A choice of diferent style blades for both the 45mm and 28mm rotary cutters including perforation cut, wave cut and pinking cut.

  • Magnetic Clasps

    Barrel shaped clasps with loops wich are both strong and stylish.

  • Tape Measures

    Colour Plus tape press with press fastener. Yellow/coloured decimetric zones. 0.5mm x 19mm x 150cm (60 inch).

  • Spring Ring Clasps

    Clasps for jewellery making.

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