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  • C Robersons and Co. Cobalt Siccative

    C Robersons and Co. Cobalt Siccative is a cobalt dryer in white spirit. This unique drying medium is to be used sparingly when adding to oil colours to accelerate the drying time. It is advised to dispense using a pipette. Cobalt Siccative, when over used, can cause cracking of the ...

  • C Roberson and Co. Linseed Stand Oil

    C Roberson and Co. Linseed stand oil is a paler, more viscous oil than refined linseed oil. It slows the drying time and gives a tougher, more elastic finish. When mixing with turpentine or white spirit, it allows to help the flow of colour and reduces visible brush marks.

    Stand oil ...

  • C Roberson’s and Co. Alkali Refined Linseed Oil

    C Roberson and Co. Alkali refined linseed oil is of a pale yellow colour. When mixing with your oil paints it will increase gloss, bring it to a thinner consistency and will slow the drying time. The addition of Alkali to the oil allows it to have a more neutral ...

  • C Roberson’s and Co Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

    High Quality, slightly yellow oil. Extracted without the use of heat. Increases gloss and transparency and reduces brush marks. Highly recommended for grinding pigments. These bottles are sold in 60ml, 250ml and 500ml quantities


    Linseed Oil is one of the most important mediums for any oil painter. Cold pressed linseed oil ...

  • Liquitex Texture Gel Mediums

    Texture Gel Mediums contain particles that produce a variety of unique textural effects. They may be mixed with acrylic colours or mediums and will dry flexible, non yellowing and water resistant. Can be painted over with both oil and acrylic colours.

  • Liquitex Modelling Pastes

    An extra high viscosity ‘putty’ for building up for building up heavy textures and sculptural forms that dry to the hardness of stone. Can be carved or sanded when dry and painted over with acrylics, oils and watercolours. May also be mixed with acrylics when wet.

  • Winsor Oil Mediums

    Our large choice of Oil Mediums offer a myriad of ways to manipulate the consistency and integrity of your oil paints.

  • Winsor Oil Solvents

    Winsor and Newton solvents are used to dilute oil colour and to clean brushes. White Spirit is popular but Turpentine has greater wetting properties. Sansador is a low odour alternative that has a slower evaporation time.

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