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  • Winsor Oil Mediums

    Our large choice of Oil Mediums offer a myriad of ways to manipulate the consistency and integrity of your oil paints.

  • Winsor Oil Solvents

    Winsor and Newton solvents are used to dilute oil colour and to clean brushes. White Spirit is popular but Turpentine has greater wetting properties. Sansador is a low odour alternative that has a slower evaporation time.

  • Winsor Oil Varnishes

    Winsor and Newton Varnishes for protecting the final artwork as well as giving a Matt, Satin or Gloss finish.

  • Zest It

    A non toxic alternative to normal solvent dilutents for oil. It has a mild citrus smell which is not overpowering, making it very pleasant to use even in a small studio. Zest It is a natural solvent made from pure ingredients, which has a neutral PH and contains no CFC’s ...

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