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  • Oil Gold Size by C Roberson and Co

    For use with (Schlag) metal leaf, gold leaf and bronze powders. Use over any non-absorbent painted surface, canvas, panel, wall, glass or metal. If the surface is absorbent as with gesso, seal using shellac varnish. Size is ready when sellotape tackiness is reach. Apply the leaf using absorbent cotton. Do ...

  • Acrylic Gold Size by C Roberson and Co

    Easy to use acrylic gold size. Ready for gilding in 15 to 20 minutes, but will remain open indefinitely. For use with (Schlag) metal leaf, gold leaf and bronze powders. Use over a non-porous surface or one that has been sealed with shellac varnish.

    Available in 60ml, 250ml and 500ml bottles.

  • Display Mount

    3M Display Mount 400ml. A heavy duty permanent spray adhesive.

  • Photo Mount

    3M Photo Mount available in 200ml and 400ml cans. A clear adhesive spray for permanent mounting of photographs, prints and illustrations. Photo Mount gives time to reposition before complete bonding takes place.

  • Spray Mount

    3M Spraymount Adhesive available in 200ml and 400m cans. lThe number one studio spray adhesive that provides an instant, repositionable and secure bond which does not brittle with age.

  • Paper Tape Acid Free

    25mm x 25m acid free paper tape.

  • Butterfly Gumstrip

    Brown gumstrip for framing, mounting and stretching watercolour paper. Apply water to activate.

  • Double Sided Tape

    Good quality double sided masking tape.

  • Low Tack Masking Tape

    Quality low tack masking tape for the professional artist.

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