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  • Pottery Tool Kit

    A selection of tools for clay modelling.

  • Eberhard Faber Plastic Modelling Tools

    Set of 4 plastic tools for use with most modelling clays.

  • Fimo Soft

    Fimo modelling clay is intermixable and should be oven-baked at 110 c/230 f. Available in 42g blocks and many different themed sets.

  • Gedeo Modelling Clay

    Fine and natural clay. Highly malleable, it is recommended for modelling, sculpture and pottery. Firing in kiln at 980c.

  • Das Clay

    Packed and sealed in foil, Das moist modelling clay is ready to use and air dries to hard matt finish without need for firing. Available in white or terracotta and in various quantities.

  • New Clay Accessories

    Varouis sealants and hardeners for use with most air drying clays.

  • New Clay

    An off-white clay that is nylon reinforced to increase strength and reduce brittleness. Air hardening, but also fires well in the range of 1000 to 1250 degrees centigrade.

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